Member Testimonials

My membership in CSC has provided me a comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry and awareness of current and future trends. 
I have gained more confidence and personal growth due to my being a part of the Atlantic Chapter Executive and also due to my participation in chapter events and meetings.  Membership continues to bring many positive influences into my career and my personal network of friends across the country. The CSC experience enables its members to be at the top of their game.”

 Mr. Harry P. Forbes – Valued CSC Member since 2001 – Atlantic Chapter   

 In almost 30 years of membership, by participating in CSC, I have forged lifelong contacts and friends.  I have been fortunate enough to instruct and encourage numerous industry members through the invaluable education programs that have been developed and maintained by our Association.  My career has been attributed largely to my involvement at the association level, where I served on the Technical Studies Committee for several years with the highest quality people in our industry, and on the Education Committee, again for several years, before going on to be elected President.

For the remainder of my life, I will cherish the relationships that my involvement in CSC has brought me.”

 Ms. Eileen J. Bredeson, FCSC, RSW – Valued CSC Member since 1981 – Calgary Chapter

 “I have been a member for over 10 years and have gotten to know hundreds of people over that time from across Canada.  That has benefited me in my career with friends, associates and people to call in times of question.  I have also been the education chairperson for the Edmonton Chapter for 5 years.  The result of this has been enormous in that I have been able to mentor, offer advice and help others because of my involvement with CSC.  I appreciate the opportunities presented to me as a member and I feel appreciated for my efforts and involvement within the Association.
Everyone knows of CSC and they want to get involved because they see the benefits or I tell them the benefits of being a member.”

Ms. Betty-Jo Tell, CCCA – Valued CSC Member since 1999 – Edmonton Chapter

 As a member of CSC  for over  10 years,  I feel that I have joined a skilled and select community in the construction industry. CSC has furthered my education and knowledge while providing mentors and friends of a similar mindset. The combination of social events and technical knowledge made available through the Association at a local chapter level as well as a national level has been personally rewarding and a good assist in my career.”

 Mr. John R. Dyk – Valued CSC Member since 1999 – Toronto Chapter

 “To sit with some of the leaders in construction documentation in Canada and discuss and participate in what could be the future, is truly awesome and rejuvenating.”

 Mr. Greg Clemens, FCSC, RSW, CCCA - Valued CSC Member since 1978 - London Chapter

I decide to join CSC based on the networking possiblites, but quickly discovered how much I was able to learn about specifications and the constuction process at the meetings.”

Mr,. Fred Wright, FCSC, - Valued CSC Member since 1975 - Winnipeg Chapter

I would recommend the CSC education programs without hesitation and as a sales manager would make membership of CSC, participation and achievement the CTR designation mandatory.”

 Mr. Allan Saunders, CTR,  - Valued CSC Member since 2001 - Toronto Chapter